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Green Soccer Association Player Evaluations

--  Grasshopper Program: PreK & Kdg 
--- Rec Program: Kdg - 3rd Grade (*2008 3rd graders  can chose rec or travel. 2007 3rd graders stay rec.)
--- Indoor Program (2nd-8th Grade)

TRAVEL EVALUATION: No Annual MAY Evaluations needed right now: 
(Will have an annual eval at the end of FALL season for everyone)
For Fall 2017 placement, the directors will rely on coach evaluations & past evaluation scores. Or the directors may personally invite specific groups or new players to a 'look-see' if more info is needed. If a player is coming from rec, we have scores and evaluations from the rec coaches and an evaluation may not be necessary at this time. You will be contacted if we need to take another peek.  

GSA  is transitioning into Fall/Winter evaluations instead of May evaluations to align with U.S. Soccer's calendar year. Using Jan 1st as the guide: Season 1 is now Spring  & Season 2 is Fall.  For example,  If you were u11 in the spring 2017, you can remain u11 in the fall 2017, then switching to u12 in the Spring of 2018.

Travel Placement: GSA tries to find room for all kids; just. GSA tries not to cut players..

Q: How are travel teams grouped? 
Teams are formed with kids of like ability. Teams can be placed in 5 different divisions: c1,c2,c3,c4 or c5. C1 being the highest level of competition and c5 being a bit less competitive but a whole lot of fun!  Travel still maintains a fun child friendly atmosphere where all kids can succeed and have fun playing soccer.

Girls Travel: Pete Tsarnas
Boys Travel: Sarah Noirot
Rec to Travel  transition: Tammy Daly:

FALL 2017
u4 (2013*)Grasshoppers*
u5 (2012)Grasshoppers or Rec*
u6 (2011)Rec
u7 (2010)Rec
u8 (2009)Rec
u9 (2008*)Rec or Travel*
u10 (2007)Travel
u11 (2006)Travel
u12 (2005)Travel
u13 (2004) Travel
u14 (2003) Travel
u15 (2002) Travel
* Grasshoppers: Must be 4 years old by Aug 1, 2017
* Grasshoppers must be 5 the whole season. Can not turn 6 years old before Oct 22, 2017
* Rec: Must be 5 years old by Aug 1, 2017
* 2009 third graders: stay rec one more season
* 2008 third graders can choice rec or travel.
*4th graders - 8th grade must travel.