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Registration will open soon.

Contacts for Questions

Rec To Travel: Damian Nyeste, [email protected]
Boys -Travel: Tracy Ashton; [email protected]
Girls -Travel: Christian von Albrecht: [email protected]

2024 Fall Season Games - August 18 - October 27

2024 Fall Training Begin - Week of August 5th



Some 3rd Graders - 8th Grade
*2015 3rd Graders can choose Rec or Travel *
*2016 3rd graders typically stay rec. 
*4th graders must play travel.
* Placement is not guaranteed for 3rd graders, may need to transfer to rec depending on our registration numbers. 4th graders get placed first.

Registration: $195
Uniform: $81 

Practice Locations in Green: Springhill Complex, Green High School, or Portage Lakes Career Center


All teams will be placed in the OHTSL League (Ohio Travel Soccer League)
4 home games and 4 away games. The away games should be within an hour drive or a neutral location can be requested.  

Most games are on Sundays but coaches have the discretion of being able to reschedule for other days. 

Q: What is the commitment level for travel? 

Practice: Two practices per week.
Games: 8 game season

Q: How are travel teams grouped? 
Teams are sorted by like ability. Teams can be placed in 5 different divisions: D1,D2,D3,D4 or D5. D1 being the highest level of competition and D5 being a bit less competitive but a whole lot of fun!  Travel still maintains a fun child-friendly atmosphere where all kids can succeed and have fun playing soccer.

Q: My 2015 third grader would like to play travel?
Third graders born in 2015 are in the u9 age group. 
GSA travel officially starts at u10.  If you are not currently on a travel team, until registration closes and the 4th graders and older third graders (2014) are sorted and placed, we won't know if there is space for any additional third graders (2015). At this time, we are asking 2015/ third graders to register for REC and note on the comment section that you would like to be considered for travel if there is room. Once registration closes, the HS coaches will know how much room there is in travel and will then at that point invite some rec kids to transfer to travel. 

Financial Aide Forms:
Financial Aide forms are available. To inquire about qualifying Email: [email protected]

GSA uses both parent coaches, professional coaches, and community coaches. If interested, please contact one of the Travel Directors.

No refunds are given for travel soccer unless Green Soccer cannot place the player due to space unavailability. Credits may be given for players with official medical reasons for withdrawal.