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Director Of Coaching: 
Jason Nelson

GSA's Coaching Guidelines, Suggestions, Policies --TRAVEL COACHES

Travel's Coaching License:

 All Travel Coaches must acquire your coaching license within one year.  Please see link below for coaching classes.

Travel's Coaching Registration Packet:

Completed Registration Form

Risk Management/ Background Check For Travel Coaches

Fee waiver code: Green1

Travel's GAASA Coach's Manual

Concussion Notification Forms
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Symptoms & Coach Actions for Cardiac Arrest, Heat Stoke, & Concussion

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse   CLICK HERE

Travel Practice Schedules/ Available Fields:

Directions on how to use to use subs legally: 
Coaches need to contact Vicki for others teams game report? [email protected]
    • SUBS/ Guest Player: 
    • there is the matter of the guest player and how to show them on the roster since their player pass may cause a referee to question whether the player should be allowed to participate.  The solution to this, which came out of the league meeting on the 18th and provided by a club, is to attach a copy of the game report for the team the guest player is coming from.  Simply cross out all of the other players leaving only the player(s) to be used.

Cardiac Arrest Info Sheet For Coaches- Lindsey's Law

Want to be a ref for Travel Games?